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Sample Shot List (photography)

Here is a sample preferred shot list for photos of your wedding day. We suggest you cut/paste this into a Microsoft Word document, then take time to read, add to or delete, so we know the shot combinations you want. We will make every effort to get the combinations requested. We look forward to working with you.



  • Will you be seeing each other prior to the Ceremony? (first look shots)

  • Where will Bride be getting dressed?

  • Where will Groom be getting dressed?

  • It is important that you strongly communicate to all family members that they need to be present, immediately after the ceremony. No going to the restroom, no going to get a drink, no going to smoke a cigarette. This will help us to be able to get all of the combinations you want in a timely manner.

  • Any "family photographers" need to please defer to your paid photographer(s). Please allow us to get our shot(s) first, then we will let them step in and get theirs.

  • Please be sure to include details about any special family circumstances or situations that you feel we should be aware of. 



  • Hair and make up

  • Bride with Mom

  • The Bride’s dress (alone & with Bride’s maids dresses)

  • Bride with Dad

  • Bridal Accessories (shoes, veil, garter, jewelry)

  • Bride with Bouquet

  • Engagement and Wedding Rings

  • Bride and Bride’s maids Bouquets

  • Buttoning/Zipping the dress

  • Mom assisting the Bride

  • Putting on Earrings, Jewelry, Shoes

  • Bride looking in Mirror

  • Bride’s maids first look at Bride in dress

  • First Look (if applicable)

  • Bride’s maids and Bride’s (before & after getting ready)

  • Other:

  • Children with the Bride

  • Bride with Bouquet

  • Groom in mirror putting on tie

  • Groom with Groomsmen

  • Groom sitting in chair

  • Groom adjusting cuff links

  • Groom in Mirror adjusting tie



  • Guests arriving

  • Parents/Grandparents being seated

  • Entrance of wedding party

  • Bride’s Entrance

  • Parent giving away Bride

  • Exchange of Vows

  • Exchange of Rings

  • The kiss

  • Bride and Groom’s Exit

  • Other:



  • Bride, full length

  • Bride and Groom

  • Bride and Groom and Officiant

  • Bride and Groom with Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

  • Bride and Maid of Honor

  • Groom with Parents

  • Bride and Bridesmaids

  • Groom with Best Man

  • Bride and Parents

  • Groom with Groomsmen

  • Bride and Groom with Parents

  • Bride and Groom with Wedding Party

  • Bride and Groom with Family

  • Other:



  • Table setting and centerpieces

  • Cutting the Cake

  • Gift table

  • Toast

  • Guest Registry

  • Bouquet Toss

  • Wedding Cake

  • Garter Toss

  • Bride and Groom’s Entrance /Wedding Party’s entrance

  • Bride and Groom’s Exit (what kind of exit - sparkler?)

  • Bride and Groom’s first dance

  • Bride-Father Dance

  • Groom-Mother Dance

  • Head Table with Bridal Party

  • Other: